Vulci ed i misteri di Mitra, Culti orientali in Etruria

The Exhibit dedicated to the eastern cults in Etruria right in the Orsini Fortress of Sorano!

It may sound strange talking about Vulci, ancient etruscan city in the northern Lazio, inside the blog of Hotel della Fortezza, you will make up your mind! Actually, there are many reasons for the territory of the Hilltop Towns is essentially linked to Vulci and with the ancient eastern rituals that characterized Etruria. First of all, the direct relationship that connect, since the etruscan time, the cost and the hinterland.

Vulci, one of the biggest etruscan city-state in Etruria, just few kilometers from Canino and Montalto di Castro, was the commercial center of that time, famous in all over the ancient world for its handcraft, agriculture and the maritime trades, derived from its position near the cost.

The hinterlands of the Southern Tuscany, like the area of the Hilltop Towns, Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana, hidden among hills and valleys, were, on the contrary, proper gardens, sacred and mystical places where they proclaim the worship of the mother heart. Their belief was expressed through the building of still admirable impressive works, called the Vie Cave (literally carved roads, carved into the tufa stone cliffs spread all over the necropolis of this territory).

These two different etruscan realities that distinguished themselves for morphology and customs, were already related one to the other by continuous exchanges and interests.

Today, thanks to the synergy and collaboration between the Museums of the municipality of Sorano with the Museum of Vulci and superintendence of the Southern Etruria, this linking has been brought to life again through the exhibit dedicated to the mysteries of the Mitreo of Vulci, that will be open until the end of November in the Museum of the Renaissance and the Middle-Ages of the Orsini Family. In fact, it will possible to admire the statue of the Mitra divinity in the act of killing the bull.

The Cult in honor of Mitra

The ritual in honor of Mitra, the figure that was identified with the light and the solar cycle of Helios, was spread after the contrast between Asia Minor and the greek world, at the end of the IV century after the Persian empire. This cult arrived in Italy from the I century a.D. and was spread firstly among the military legions, with the ritual of the sacrifice of the bull, that represented the death and the rebirth, the prolificness, and the victory of the good against the evil. The self-liberation of the followers could be reached by the practice of collective rituals that took place in specific rooms where the sacred banquet was consumed, in a similar way then the rituals in honor of Dioniso-Bacco. The mysterious cults derived from the presence of seven different levels of initiation of the followers that were practiced while dancing and drinking wine.

The statue

The ritual in honor of Mitra was identified with the rebirth and the victory of the good against the evil. In fact the statue dedicated to Mitra, which you will have the possibility to admire the original version right in the exhibit in the museum of the Renaissance and the Middle-Ages of Sorano, represents the god who grabs the bull, bringing its head close by him, and hitting it with his sword. In the scene, a snake and a dog seem to be drinking from the wound of the poor animal, since from its death is the life rebirths; On the other hand a scorpion attacks the bull from below, trying to hurt its testicles.

For more informations and details, you can take advantage of the guide titled Vulci and the mysteries of Mitra, that you can find on sale in the museum of Piazza Cairoli, that will be useful to deepen your knowledge about Vulci, the cult of Mitra, the reason of its presence in Etruria and the other motifs that are encouraging the municipality of Montalto and Canino to point on the organization of the archaeological park of Vulci and its Uniqueness!

Special Offer The Etruscan Vie Cave

Visiting the Archaeological Park “Città del Tufo”, in the municipality of Sorano, will be even more interesting.. and to let you not miss this such a rare occasion we have created a Special Offer dedicated to all the lovers of etruscan history and architecture.

Take advantage of our Special Offer The Etruscan Vie Cave, that will allow you to discover the medieval Hilltop Towns of the Southern Tuscany, with their museums and medieval churches, historical centers by the unique landscapes, as well as the etruscan necropolis spread in the territory that surrounds the villages. You will stay in the elegant rooms of Hotel della Fortezza, inside the Orsini Fortress of Sorano, right in front of the Museum where there is the exhibit, and you will have the chance to get in contact to the history and the secrets of a such a mysterious territory….

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Native Food Bar

Guide to the Native food of the Hilltop Towns

Since this year at Hotel della Fortezza we often speak about Native food… Native food means indigenous, native of the territory where we live, genuine and healthy.

…But why is our interest oriented towards this topic?

Since you are going to get in contact with the centuries of history that characterize the roads, the churches, the museums of the medieval villages as well as the etruscan necropolis and Vie Cave and the uncontaminated nature of the countryside with its luxuriant flora and plentiful fauna, we are certain that you should have the possibility to know and appreciate the products that have been representing for centuries the quality of the territory of the Hilltop Towns! For this purpose we are realizing the project of the Native Food Bar where to offer only products that are indeed…. Native!

The wellness derived by the visit to such a fascinating places, that offer you quietness, relaxation and breathtaking panoramas, is enriched by eating healthy and genuine products, certified for their quality and respect of the environment. Your wellness is our purpose; and for this reason, starting from offering you the possibility to stay inside a real fortress dating back to the medieval time, we want also to propose a Food & Wine tour among the native products.

First of all, we want to introduce you our Cinta Senese cured meat, cured meat that you would hardly find in the restaurants.. Have you ever heard about Cinta Senese? This race of pork typically tuscan, already spread all over this area during the etruscan time, is raised in the wild and breed, consequently, with the fruits of the wood, mainly acorns, giving the meat a unique taste and unexpected dietetic properties! Try to taste the lard, even if you are not a ham fat lover, and you will discover not only a totally different flavor, a pleasant flavor… but you will also benefit from its properties of defense of the organism from the cholesterol!

In addition to the cured meats, we cannot miss to mention our cheese, from Maremma and Tuscia, from the small producers who contribute to the creation of good and high-quality cheeses with their livestocks in the whole of the area of Sorano and surroundings. You will have the chance to taste, perceive and compare the differences of flavor among the several agings of the cheeses that we will offer you, accompanying them with the most appropriate wine.

In fact, also the wine has a relevant role in the image of the Hilltop Towns territory, since the vine used to be cultivated also by the Etruscan in this area, and the wine tradition has been kept alive for centuries, by the creation of many big and small companies that produce high-quality wines. You will have the chance to combine local, native gastronomical products with white and red organic wines of the cellar of Sassotondo, situated in the countryside between Pitigliano and Sovana, produced with passion and experience of the owners Carla and Edoardo, who will be nice to meet you if you would like, to tell you with their own words about their cellar, fruit of their love for the territory and for the wine.

Everyday in addition to the preparation of the cakes and muffin for your breakfast, likewise made with rough flours produced near Sorano, the cook is occupied in preparing ancient recipes of the tuscan rural culinary tradition, with simple, fresh and genuine ingredients. A hot beans or lentils soup, a salad of spelt, a good Panzanella or Pappalpomodoro.. Have you ever tasted these last two typical dishes?…. Come and try!

At the moment of your arrival in hotel our staff of the reception will present the dishes of the day so that you have the way and the time to decide if you prefer to dine in front of the panoramas and the magic atmosphere that the Orsini Fortress offers, or to go in the historical center in one of the restaurants of Sorano.

We are at your disposal for the reservations for the dinner until 6:00 pm, and from 7:00 to 8:00 you would have the possibility to choose the table that you prefer, sit and enjoy your tasting or Native food & wine of the small local companies.

All you have to do is to savor your tuscan dinner with Native food… and the payment is pushed back to the time of the check-out!


Hotel della Fortezza

What can you expect from a stay at Hotel della Fortezza?

While projecting our holidays, whether if it is long or short, we try to organize every detail in the best way in order to let the time going by as more relaxing as possible, like as we had imagined it. With this article we want to to try to introduce ourselves, but especially, to introduce our idea of hospitality, so that at your arrival you will be already conscious about how our staff will work hard to let our stay transforming in a real experience to the discovery of the territory of the Southern Tuscany!

Our suggestion is, in fact, to speak directly to us before the booking, to speak to the members of the reception, always ready to answer to all of your questions, and when possible, satisfy your requests. You just need a short and informal calling, email or chat and your reservation is complete! To let you have all the useful information about how to reach the hotel, the timetables, the parking area and some tips for where to go to taste typical dishes in the town of Sorano, all before your arrival, we send to all of you, guests of the hotel, our confirmation email, that, first of all, give us the occasion to say you thank you for choosing Hotel della Fortezza for your holiday in Southern Tuscany!

At the moment of your arrival at the hotel, you will be welcomed with a smile by our young staff of the reception, who, once ended the checking-in process, will be pleased to introduce you the territory by giving you the information necessary to not forgot the unmissable experiences in the Hilltop Towns. For this purpose we have realized for you a map of the village, that will help you to locate the main touristic attractions and to program your itinerary! Do not hesitate to ask to clarify all your doubts, answer your curiosities and suggest you the activities that best fit you and your interests…each of your questions about the territory and its peculiarities is for us a real pleasure! We are enthusiastic of transmitting you our love for this land, because we recognize its value and we are sure that you too are able to appreciate the beauty and the unicity.

Our effort aims at let you perceive a pleasant, peaceful and informal atmosphere since your arrival, to let you feel like at home in a such a magic place as the Orsini Fortress of Sorano, surrounded by friendly and helpful people, and above all, well informed about what the best the territory has to offer. As guests of Hotel della Fortezza, you will join a project that link love, food and territory, a project that is born by the will of offer you something more than the simple lodging.. a project that will talk you about the Hilltop Towns in the whole of their aspects, a real itinerary that will guide you to the discovery of the wellness that this territory can offer.

We want your holiday to remain in your heart, and for this reason, in addition to provide for your comfort for all which concerns the lodging, and to indicate you the best activities that you could do, we introduce you our Food&Wine specialities of our Food Bar and the reason of our choices. In a natural and wild territory as the one of Southern Tuscany, we offer you only products obtained by the correct exploitation of the territory and its sources; healthy, simple, genuine, and rigorously local food, which come from the small local producers that realize unique specialities, in order to let you taste the real flavors of this territory, that have been characterizing it for centuries, the flavors of our “native” food!

With this short article, we introduce you our Special Offer for a stay at Hotel della Fortezza, that will bring you to the discovery of the Hilltop Towns, of their colors and flavors, a trip through the history of the medieval villages and their Food&Wine culture..

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tuscan pecorino

Today we’ll showcase one of Southern Tuscany’s best products… Tuscan Pecorino!!

A gastronomical delicacy the Tuscan Pecorino, (PDO, Protected Designation of Origin) is the result of a delicate balance of natural features (climate and environmental characteristics) and human features (production method and artisanal know-how) that blend to create a product which is inimitable outside of the area of origin.  Also called ‘cacio’ in Southern Tuscany, it has ancient origins which date back to the Etruscan era. With the creation of the first cheese factories, it emerged the definitive separation between the figure of the shepherd and that of the cheese maker, who well and truly became an cheese artisan. It’s a cheese that’s also known with its ancient name, ‘cacio marzolino’, which comes from the period of production that started in the month of March and continued throughout the Spring period.

The characteristics of the PDO Tuscan Pecorino derive from both the environmental conditions in which the sheep are bred and also the productive processes aided by the most advanced technologies, that nonetheless respect a centuries-old tradition, allowing for the production of a top-quality cheese.

The fundamental ingredient is obviously milk, exclusively sheep milk, that comes from herds raised on the territory marked by the Denomination of Protected Origins. It has a cylindrical shape and its consistency is dense with a straw-yellow color of varying intensity. Its flavor is fragrant and at times accentuated, a characteristic of this particular production method. Depending on the area of production the aging process changes and with this, the flavor and the use of the cheese also change a lot too. In fact, they range from a fresh Tuscan Pecorino, which has a delicate and sweet flavor, to a more seasoned Pecorino, with an intense and more accentuated flavor and finally to a Pecorino with a very long aging process, making it hard and with a strong flavor that is traditionally served with the sweet flavor of honey or jam…

During your stay at Hotel della Fortezza, you will have the chance to taste Tuscan Pecorino in different occasions, such as in the buffet of your breakfast or choosing our Aperitif with Local Products. We underline the importance of using local products, in order to let our guests discover our rich territory starting from the local gastronomy. Our Aperitifs include a mix of Tuscan Pecorinos with different aging processes, fresh, aged, or blue cheeses and Cinta-Senese cured meats.. All accompanied with a glass of white or red wine from the best local cellars!

Let you be tempted by the irresistible tastes of Southern Tuscany… we look forward to welcoming you!


tuscan wines

An organic excellence amongst the southern tuscan wines ..

This enterprise is the fruit of a love and passion for the territory, for the tuscan wines and in particular for this strip of land in the Southern Tuscan hills. 24 years ago Carla and Edoardo, a couple both in work and personal life, decided to make a change after a lifetime in the chaos and monotony of city life. Thus, they embraced nature by moving to Southern Tuscany. Carla, who is an agronomist from Trento, had always wished to live in the countryside; Edoardo, a documentary maker from Rome, has always been fascinated by the realm of winemaking. Thanks to their dreams they were able to set up the vineyard of Sassotondo, that today is amongst the best in the area of the hilltop towns.

72 hectares that lie on the border between the municipalities of Sorano and Pitigliano, which include woodland and pastures; 10 of them produce their elegant, flavoursome and aromatic wines, the expression of this powerful and mysterious territory of Southern Tu
scany. According to the organic agriculture, the vineyard produces two
DOC (guarantee of origin) wines, the Pitigliano White and the Sorano Red. 8 hectares are dedicated to red grapes (principally Ciliegiolo, San Giovese and Merlot) and 2 for white grapes (Trebbiano, Greco, Sauvignon) with tuff-stone being the characterizing element of this territory and its wine production. Their real strengths are the IGT (Protected Geographical Indication) wines which hold all of their intuitions, culture and passion for this land and for the tuscan wines.

What about the origin of this name?

Sassotondo..a peculiar name whose origin are to track down in the nature of this land, a volcanic land. Nowadays Monte Amiata is the most famous ski station of the whole Southern Tuscany, but it was previously a volcano whose eruptions, once cooled and stratified, originated the stone that distinguishes this area.. the Tuff! HIMG_3884ouses, streets and foundation of the villages spread from Monte Amiata to the coast are made of tuff, that characterizes not only the aspect of Southern Tuscany, but also the flavors of the products of this land, that, as Carla will proudly explain, for this reason are unique worldwide!

The real round stone (“Sasso-tondo”) is a tufa stone that had been found by chance in the fields of the company, after a long process of smoothing and sculpting made by the weather. The two wine-producers make it the emblem of their love for this land, giving it the place of honour in the centre of their label, in which we can notice also the vineyards and the mountains in the distance that surround the sphere.

Also the cellar is carved into the tufa stone! A thirty-meters-long cave that ends in the room called “bottaio”, where the barrels containing wine have always the optimal temperature and humidity thanks to the material of the walls.. a suggestive tunnel that you can travel following Carla, Edoardo or who will accompany you to the discover of the wine-producing system that give shape to the wines of Sassotondo, getting lost in the passionate narrations and descriptions of who will answer to all your questions.

We have chosen for you the wine-producing company Sassotondo for a two-hours wine-and-food tour to discover the flavors of Southern Tuscany, because it emerges as representative of the excellences of products in this region. Once arrived at Sassotondo, the owners themselves will welcome you warmly, and your tour will start in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Starting from the vineyards, you will eventually visit the wine-producing systems, hidden in the tufa stone under the fields. The tuff makes the cellar more suggestive, but also constantly cool and humid. At the end of the tour of the machines you will taste the finished product. Three wines, tasted in the cozy terrace directly with the owners, listening to their description about the iter they have passed before being uncorked for your wine-tasting. Uncorked, obviously, like as the rules of the good sommelier impose… Get lost observing the careful motions of who will open the bottles, pouring the wine in the glass in the best way to exalt its unique taste and flavor. Your visit will last two hours, after which, you will have the chance to buy the products that most captured your attention!

Discover our Special Package dedicated to all the lovers of the tuscan wines – WINES OF SOUTHERN TUSCANY

homemade cakes

Today we showcase Daniela and her homemade cakes..

What is the biggest satisfaction for people who work with tourists? Undoubtedly the positive reviews of the guests! According to what you have written until today about our hotel, it seems that our hard work is giving its good results. The detail that has been mentioned and always appreciated in most of your comments is the breakfast, in addition, obviously, to the stunning view from the Orsini Fortress!!

..A breakfast that we try everyday to make better and more genuine!

Every morning you will have a sweet awakening, with a sweet fragrance in the air and a big buffet rich of fresh and tasty products, both salty ones and homemade cakes. We always choose to propose local groceries, in order to speak about our territory through the gastronomy, in fact, in addition to the ham and cheese from Sorano, as well as fresh fruit and local bread, we decided to let you taste homemade cakes, baked just in the kitchen of our hotel!!

Today we want to introduce to you the chef that prepares everyday the homemade cakes for your breakfast, with simple, local, genuine ingredients.. Daniela! Her peculiar and friendly character won’t be difficult to notice during your stay, with her congeniality and spontaneity will know how to make you feel like home, just like guests of her own kitchen, and how to let you begin the day with a smile.

Surely, waking up and finding a good set buffet and a kind staff always ready to prepare you the hot drink that you prefer most is in and of itself a very relished cuddle, but try to imagine if everything you will find for food was rigorously high quality and locally produced? Daniela, who is very keen on cooking, has decided to think not only about the inimitable taste, but also about your health and the always increasing wish to find local products and awareness of the risks provoked by wrong diets.

IMG_4015For this reason in the last days we have carried on an experiment, with the guests who have had breakfast at Hotel della Fortezza, offering you both cakes prepared with the classic flour 00, and little muffins made with a new flour, produced in an organic farm just few kilometers from Sorano, asking their opinion at the end of the meal about the quality and taste of what they have eaten. We were a little bit uncertain about the result of this experiment, because the taste and the color of this new rough flour could have turned out to be too different that the previously one or could have not meet the expectation of the guests who would have expected the classic dough.. However we had to change our mind! The experiment yielded only positive feedback, every guest congratulated with us for Daniela’s culinary skills!

During your stay you will also have the possibility to visit the farm, to know the place where this particular flour is being produced.. An organic farm called Aia del Tufo, an enchanted place for those who come from the chaos of cities, where it is possible to taste a good lunch or dinner with special menus, in the silence and quietness of the countryside.

Check now the availability for a stay at Hotel della Fortezza


hot springs of southern tuscany


The benefits of the thermal water, in the wild nature of Southern Tuscany

We can notice as a new category of tourism has been spreading next to the one interested to the hundreds of century of history admirable in the territory of Southern Tuscany and obviously to the wine and food. This new category is turned to eliminate, or reduce, the psycho-physic problems thanks to the use of thermal waters! This is not a modern trend, but a millennial habit : Greeks, Romans and Etruscans have left their testimony celebrating the virtues of the waters of the hot springs of Southern Tuscany.

Today the hot springs have gained great consideration because of the discover of the real benefits earned by the immersion in this kind of water, and especially, because of the chaotic life we lead, that requires us to dedicate part of our time to the personal care. There is no better way to relax than a stay in the wild and natural environment of the Hilltop Towns, where you can reach the many hot springs of Southern Tuscany with a brief transfer.. In order to increase this kind of tourism, in the last years the thermal centers have evolved, establishing real SPAs able to offer services and specific therapies focused to the complete wellbeing of the guests.

Tuscany, especially the southern part, boasts a great tradition for which concerns wellbeing and hot springs; some of the most important nucleus as Bagno Vignoni and San Casciano have a very long history, but many other thermal stations have raised throughout the years, contributing to make Tuscany one of the most equipped under this point of view. Saturnia, Sorano, Bagni San Filippo, just to mention few of them, are really cherished by people who love this kind of wellness-holiday.

Hot springs of Southern Tuscany boast an additional key factor than the other Italian thermal centers. In fact these SPAs are immersed in natural and fascinating environments, surrounded by the green valleys and woods…ideal places for the complete relaxation!

Water as a therapy

Immersing in this water or getting dirty with the mud for example by playing with it, make us regress, and according to a fascinating symbolism studied by the psycho-analysis, it seems to be a mechanism that allow us to become young again, back in the time when mother used to take care of us. This “return to the pureness”, but especially the healing and protective connection inside the pools, can be seen as a complex relation between I and Subconscious. We can speak about a research of the soul, of our origin and our identity, that bring men to discover the water as a mean to solve some diseases in a natural way.

The waters of the hot springs of Southern Tuscany are used for many organic pathologies, in relation to their chemical composition. We can think about waters that contain arsenic and iron, that suit particularly for depression, while waters with bromine or carbon, and radio-active waters, can help anxious people.

We can assume that therapeutic waters (often synonymous of thermal waters) have characteristics able to carry out a sort of “pharmacologic activity” that prevents, and rehabilitates, physical and psychological diseases.

Waters are not all equal, and they do not solve the same problems:

  • The action of sulfurous waters, like that of Saturnia, is mainly dermatological, in fact they fight acne and dermatitis
  • Waters with arsenic is the best for the dry pathologies of the skin, like psoriasis
  • On the other hand, waters with carbon allow a specific action pointed to the circulatory system.

Take advantage of our Wellness packages, to dedicate your holiday to the care of body and mind.. Ask to our staff for further informations!

southern tuscan rural cuisine

The emblem of the Southern Tuscan tradition

Since we are real tuscans, and lovers of simple and tasty food, we want to showcase you the Southern Tuscan Rural cuisine, that is part of the still alive traditions and culture in the territory of the Hilltop Towns, Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana. As the time goes by, the development of modernity has increased the feeling, the necessity, to rediscover the ancient traditions that, on the contrary, would necessarily get lost.

Cooking is an art, and it is thanks to the culture, the history and the territory of a community that it is possible to discover authentic traditions..Southern Tuscany is one of the best example of territory that maintains a long and old culinary tradition. Many recipes and secrets have been preserved and transmitted  through the generations, so that an ancient memory has had the chance to keep living nowadays.

The Southern Tuscan Rural cuisine is a poor cuisine, but tasty, made of simple and cheap raw materials mixed to create unique and intense flavors, all linked to the relation between men and the productive cycle of the lands, the environmental conditions, the seasons and the personal beliefs and religious superstitions.

The emblem of the Southern Tuscan Rural cuisine, that today can be found in most of the restaurants of the Hilltop Towns, is called “Acquacotta”, a poor winter vegetables soup, with roasted bread…few and simple ingredients for a special and delicious result!

Imagination and fantasy are the means to rediscover flavor and taste of a dish that has been created for necessity to cook using only the few available ingredients. We have to say a special thanks to all the housewives, who, with their brilliance, have left us a really inimitable culinary tradition.

Discover our Special Offers that will allow you to taste the unique specialities of the Southern Tuscan cuisine in a selection of menus studied for you…from the classical traditional cuisine, to the more creative and cherished one!


hotel della Fortezza

Hotel della Fortezza.. Ancient hart with a mind projected to the future!

Today is a great day for Hotel della Fortezza and its guests.. TODAY is an important date!

Today represents, for us, the fulfillment of the efforts of 10 years of hard work, always done with passion and LOVE!

Yes, LOVE for all what the branch of Tourism represents, for the Territory that hosts us and for its Development, for its History and for its Present, for an inimitable Gastronomy, for each Sunset and Sunrise that we had been living while working at Hotel della Fortezza!

The true LOVE for this job has been what has allowed us to work hard everyday, deciding to risk, to appreciate, to better understand this unique place, to dedicate care and particular attention to the level of the service and TODAY it allows us to dare…thinking about making Hotel della Fortezza even more beautiful than it already is!

TODAY our project is shaping brick by brick… A project that will lead to an even more special Hotel della Fortezza of Sorano!

Why do we say Special?

..Because every single management and structural aspect will be discussed with the purpose to offer you a better service!

..Because we will have our inner Food-Bar, where you will have the possibility to taste the delicacies of the territory in a new way!

..Because just asking to our receptionists you will have the activities you prefer booked for you!

..Because you will have the chance to buy all the products you will taste in the Food-Bar directly in the Hotel!

..Because, speaking about good food, we have solidified our agreement with the restaurant Fidalma in Sorano and we have add the new service of Gourmet Restaurants in Tufo Allegro, for who would like to visit the closed by hilltop town Pitigliano.

..Because we will have some stunning Suite in Pitigliano where, if you want, you will have the possibility to spend some more days of holiday!

..Because we grant you that all this will be managed with passion, professionalism and great LOVE!

Is it not enough?

We have decided to dedicate a Special Offer to the first week of re-opening of Hotel della Fortezza! For all the people who want to be the first to the try our new services and to give us their opinion… we look forward to welcoming you at Hotel della Fortezza!!


prodotti biologici toscani

Today we’ll be speaking about top quality tuscan organic products!

A tuscan organic products are guaranteed because it’s certified according to the CEE regulations that guarantee the method of production. In fact, the products that come from this particular form of agriculture are produced without the use of any chemical substance and in complete respect of the environment.  Organic products are spreading more and more in Southern Tuscany, because this is a territory full of agricultural enterprises built on the organic model that use the natural fertility of the land and promote biodiversity. Thus many cultivators have adopted techniques that respect the natural ecological equilibrium by not using harmful substances like fertilizers and pesticides. The purpose of these practices is to produce food, wine and many other products without toxic residue and full of nutritional value.  These are the reasons why an organic product guarantees quality and authenticity, indispensable prerogatives of a well-balanced, complete and healthy diet. Southern Tuscany can boast of a vast array of organic products, from fruit and vegetables to its renowned meat.

In recent years, there has been a mass return to our origins, particularly with the desire to use products from one’s own land. However, we’ll start from the premise that the identification of organic products derives from specific labeling procedures that offer the consumer the greatest guarantees possible of these products’ origins, preparation, transformation and packaging.. there is a real tradition based on the production of southern tuscan organic products!

There is an ever increasing request for healthy and natural products and therefore also, or above all, organic products. And thus we introduce you tuscan organic products that arise from the continuous search for products of high quality, all obtained from organic ingredients. There is no chemical treatment of the trees and their fruit, no impact on the earth and only natural products. All this translated into good health for those who buy organic!