Our Food Bar

Since this year at Hotel della Fortezza we often speak about Native food… Native food means indigenous, native of the territory where we live, genuine and healthy.

Since you are going to get in contact with the centuries of history that characterize the roads, the churches, the museums of the medieval villages as well as the etruscan necropolis and Vie Cave and the uncontaminated nature of the countryside with its luxuriant flora and plentiful fauna, we are certain that you should have the possibility to know and appreciate the products that have been representing for centuries the quality of the territory of the Hilltop Towns! For this purpose we are realizing the project of the Native Food Bar where to offer only products that are indeed…. Native!

Your trip to the discovery of the territory of southern tuscany starts with your breakfast, passing then to the aperitif and dinner. The food that you will taste will be always “native”, indigenous, natural and genuine, brought from the small local producers of the area of the hilltop towns. We want to speak about what is done with love, love for the work and for the own land.


La sala colazioni


Take care of yourselves choosing an healthy and genuine breakfast! In addition to the buffet breakfast that is included in the rate of your room, composed by local products and homemade cakes, you can also choose a special breakfast menu, studied to let you really “taste” the territory. In fact, you will find natural and artisan products, rigorously local, and you will be able to notice the difference in the ingredients, all natural, that you can count on your fingers.. an example? The fruit juices contain only water,  fruit and a minimum percentage of sugar!!

Native Breakfast

  • one natural fruit juice
  • three different types of natural jam combined with three handmade rusks
  • natural yogurt
  • two different types of local fresh cheeses
  • an egg cooked in your favorite way


It is also possible to buy the single products included in the menu :

Organic Juice 2,50€

Sheep milk natural yogurt 2,50€

Organic Jam 1,00€

Homemade rusks 0,50€

Organic Egg 3,00€

Fresh cheeses 4,00€

Salami 4,00€



Since this year we have decided to give our guests the possibility to relax, after a long day of visit to the territory, with an aperitif tasted in front of the panorama from the Orsini Fortress, because we want to speak about Southern Tuscany through the goodness of the gastronomy. For this reason our Aperitif will be completely “native”, in other words, you will have the occasion to taste typical local products of the area of the Hilltop Towns, bought in the local producers, and the possibility to visit the place of production themselves, by organizing guided tours with the owners.

Our Native Aperitif includes a glass of white or red wine of one of the best cellars of the area; a mix of sheep cheeses of three different agings; different kinds of traditional tuscan charcuterie of Cinta Senese, bought from local producers. If you will want to keep eating, without leaving the Orsini Fortress, you can transform the aperitif in a real dinner adding our special native dish of the day and the dessert, with an extra of 10€.

Taste your aperitif inside the hotel or in the pretty Piazza Cairoli, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the medieval castle and the suggestive sunsets on the village of Sorano.

Native Aperitif

  • glass of white or red wine
  • mix of sheep cheeses of three different agings
  • different kinds of traditional tuscan charcuterie of local Cinta Senese


Native Dinner

  • glass of white or red wine
  • mix of sheep cheeses of three different agings
  • different kinds of traditional tuscan charcuterie of local Cinta Senese
  • dish of the day
  • dessert
  • bottle of water




Sassotondo is the fruit of a love and passion for the territory, for the tuscan wines and in particular for this strip of land in the Southern Tuscan hills. 72 hectares that lie on the border between the municipalities of Sorano and Pitigliano, dedicated to the organic agriculture, producing two DOC (guarantee of origin) wines, Bianco di  Pitigliano and Rosso di Sovana. Their real strengths are the IGT (Protected Geographical Indication) wines which hold all of their intuitions, culture and passion for this land and for the tuscan wines. This side of land give origin to high-quality and certifies tuscan wines, as the ones of Sassotondo.

To combine your aperitif or dinner, or just to relax in front of the suggestive panoramas from the Hotel della Fortezza while drinking a glass of wine, you can taste the wines of the cellar of Sassotondo.

A glass of Tufo Bianco or Tufo Rosso is already included in the cost of the Native Aperitif and Native Dinner. You can read the complete Wine List in this downloadable pdf format.

Wine List