The best suggestions for your itinerary for 3 or more days in Southern Tuscany

If you are organizing an itinerary for 3 or more days in Southern Tuscany, you would be aware that you will have all the available time to visit the territory without any hurry, dedicating the right attention to each place.

In an itinerary for 3 or more days in Southern Tuscany you will discover a territory that is able to offer you a lot.. in addition to the hills where the three medieval village of Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana are situated, surrounded by the etruscan remains, you can reach both the seaside and the mountain with a short distance. In this guide we favor the local itineraries, discovering the Hilltop Towns, but we are pleased to suggest you also farther routes.. Hotel della Fortezza is only one hour far from Amiata mountain and the beautiful Argentario coast, or for those who prefer the lake, Bolsena lake is only 20 kilometers far from here.

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itinerary for 2 days in southern tuscany

How to organize your itinerary for 2 days in Southern Tuscany

Staying more than one night at Hotel della Fortezza, you will have more time available to venture discovering the territory of the Hilltop Towns and to see with your own eyes the history that characterizes it. Although two days go by very fast, by following our suggestions you can have an idea about how to organize the visit of the villages and the necropolis in your itinerary for 2 days in Southern Tuscany.

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itinerary for 1 day in southern tuscany

If you are only passing in Sorano, this is what you shouldn’t miss! Here you are your itinerary for 1 day in Southern Tuscany

The area of the Hilltop Town is still almost unknown by tuscan people themselves, in fact many people who arrive in Sorano do not know what to expect from this territory, that hides in its wild nature places that are unique in the world. Just for you that you are just passing, guest for only one night at Hotel della Fortezza, we studied the best way to optimize your itinerary for 1 day in Southern Tuscany and not miss the most interesting things you can find just few steps far from you…

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itineraries in southern tuscany

When we talk about itineraries in Southern Tuscany the territory of the Hilltop Towns can offer a lot.. Unique places to visit, very god Food and Wine, natural hot springs… We suggest you to not miss Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana, by staying in the historical rooms of Hotel della Fortezza, that will become the starting point for your numerous itineraries!

Here you are our suggestion that will help you to best organize your itineraries in Southern Tuscany

During your stay at Hotel della Fortezza you will have the chance to explore a unique territory, rich of history and culture, and still almost unknown.. the territory of the Hilltop Towns! This land of Tuscany, still not reached by the mass tourism, will allow you to get in contact with the centuries of history that characterize the villages of Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana, and the surrounding territory, once inhabited by the etruscan civilization.

You will explore medieval villages with their museums and churches, the etruscan necropolis with many ancient tombs and the unique and suggestive Vie Cave..

Whether Sorano is only a step of your holiday, or you are organizing a long stay, this suggestions will be useful to not miss the best itineraries inSouthern Tuscany, in the territory of Hilltop Towns!

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Vulci ed i misteri di Mitra, Culti orientali in Etruria

The Exhibit dedicated to the eastern cults in Etruria right in the Orsini Fortress of Sorano!

It may sound strange talking about Vulci, ancient etruscan city in the northern Lazio, inside the blog of Hotel della Fortezza, you will make up your mind! Actually, there are many reasons for the territory of the Hilltop Towns is essentially linked to Vulci and with the ancient eastern rituals that characterized Etruria. First of all, the direct relationship that connect, since the etruscan time, the cost and the hinterland.

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What can you expect from a stay at Hotel della Fortezza?

While projecting our holidays, whether if it is long or short, we try to organize every detail in the best way in order to let the time going by as more relaxing as possible, like as we had imagined it. With this article we want to to try to introduce ourselves, but especially, to introduce our idea of hospitality, so that at your arrival you will be already conscious about how our staff will work hard to let our stay transforming in a real experience to the discovery of the territory of the Southern Tuscany!

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tuscan pecorino

Today we’ll showcase one of Southern Tuscany’s best products… Tuscan Pecorino!!

A gastronomical delicacy the Tuscan Pecorino, (PDO, Protected Designation of Origin) is the result of a delicate balance of natural features (climate and environmental characteristics) and human features (production method and artisanal know-how) that blend to create a product which is inimitable outside of the area of origin.  

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