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Itinerary for 1 day in Southern Tuscany

If you are only passing in Sorano, this is what you shouldn’t miss! Here you are your itinerary for 1 day in Southern Tuscany.
The area of the Hilltop Town is still almost unknown by tuscan people themselves, in fact many people who arrive in Sorano do not know what to expect from this territory, that hides in its wild nature places that are unique in the world. Just for you that you are just passing, guest for only one night at Hotel della Fortezza, we studied the best way to optimize your itinerary for 1 day in Southern Tuscany and not miss the most interesting things you can find just few steps far from you.

The afternoon after the check-in – Sorano and the medieval Orsini Fortress

Since the check-in is expected starting from 3 pm, we suggest you to reach the room as early as possible, in order to be ready and relaxed to start your itinerary for 1 day in Southern Tuscany. The first place you should visit is the Orsini Fortress, so that you can enjoy all along the charme of the medieval castle where you are going to sleep, and its suggestive undergrounds. We are pleased to provide you for a map of the territory that will be valid as a voucher to receive a discount for the ticket of the Archaeological Park Città del Tufo, that means Hilltop Towns, that concerns Sorano, Sovana and Vitozza.

Once the guided tour of the Orsini Fortress will be finished, the center of Sorano awaits you! Right from Piazza Cairoli, where the hotel and the Museum of the Renaissance and the Middle-Ages are situated, you can reach the historical center through the stairway from which to enjoy the wonderful panorama of Sorano and the surrounding valley.

After the walking, allow yourself a good dinner in the restaurants of the town, or come back in the fortress of a tasting-dinner at the inner Food Bar of Hotel della Fortezza and turn your itinerary for 1 day in Southern Tuscany into a trip in the tuscan gastronomy, and not only in the history!

Morning and Afternoon – The Park of San Rocco, the Hilltop Town of Sovana and its etruscan Necropolis

Sovana, with its etruscan necropolis, is surely one of the places that deserves to be seen, which to dedicate from 2 to 4 hours of visit!

We suggest you to leave in the morning, after a good breakfast based on fresh local products at Hotel della Fortezza, so that you will have time for a little stop-over at the park of San Rocco.

Going in the direction of Sovana, you will find the parking area after few kilometers, it is very easy to find, just in the right side of the road. The park of San Rocco with the namesake Via Cava, that  connects it with the center of the town, is the perfect place for a moment of relax in the nature, where it is possible to sit in the tables in the shade of the trees while enjoying the stunning panorama of Sorano, before to leave to Sovana.

Little village just 9 kilometers far from Sorano, Sovana deserves a visit.. The center, composed by just two roads, it an extraordinary example of medieval architecture, and the main square hosts the Museum of San Mamiliano, which you can visit with the cumulative ticket of the Archaeological Park Città del Tufo, where you will admire the so called “Treasure of Montecristo”, around 500 coins dating back to roman time, that have been found while the restoration of the church, under its floor.

Take a break in the silent atmosphere of Sovana, where the time seems to flow slower, and enjoy the lunch in one of the restaurant of the village or maybe a good picnic to be eaten where you like most, that you can also request to our staff.

Going on in the same provincial road, just 2 kilometers from the town, you will find on your right the entrance to the Necropolis, with a free parking area and an information office where you can receive all the useful equipment to visit the tombs and the Vie Cave.. in addition to the great monumental tombs once belonged to the richest and more powerful families, like the Ildabrand tomb or the Demoni Alati, every step you will do you will bump into smaller tombs, poorer, and almost hidden in the vegetation..

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