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The Tasting aperitif of the EnoRistrò

We have decided to propose you this tasting aperitif to give you the possibility to discover the territory with many tasty recipes, prepared right in our EnoRistrò.

Each product come from the small companies of this territory, that we have selected as the most representative of the idea of love and passion for the hard word and for their consumers. Those companies, all very small like Sassotondo, deal with an effort that focuses on the quality instead of the quantity and the profit.

In your tasting aperitif you have included a selection of local products served like the Spanish tapas, that we call Maremman Tapas, because they are composed by all local ingredients from the territory of the hilltop towns.

Some of those typical products are famous also in the rest of Tuscany, but you will be able to notice that the same product coming from different places have completely different flavors. In fact Hotel della Fortezza is located in a very particular area, far from any sources of pollution like highway, railway or industries, the air is still pure and the gastronomy benefits from this.

The wines of Sassotondo

You can combine with your tasting aperitif a glass or a bottle of local wine. Especially, we have available some wines of the cellar Sassotondo, a local production in between Sovana and Pitigliano.

We have chosen this cellar because of the quality of their organic wines, produced with care and passion by the owners Carla, from Trentino, and Edoardo, from Rome, who have decided to invest in the territory that makes them fall in love.

Their production is very restricted, only 50.000 bottles per year, but they are now well-known in all the territory.

The basic wines of the cellar Sassotondo are Tufo Bianco and Tufo Rosso, but we suggest to taste Ciliegiolo, their signature wine!

Ciliegiolo, San Lorenzo and Rosato are composed for 100% by ciliegiolo, a particular kind of grape that is not so much productive because of its small dimension. However, as we have already mentioned, Sassotondo focuses more on obtaining high quality products than to increase the productivity.

Among the basic wines we can find a grape that is a actually unusual in this area, Teroldego. In fact, the owner Carla is from Trentino, and have brought with her one of the flavors of her land.

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