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Your Breakfast at Hotel della Fortezza

What is the biggest satisfaction for people who work with tourists? Undoubtedly the positive reviews of the guests! According to what you have written until today about our hotel, it seems that our hard work is giving its good results. The detail that has been mentioned and always appreciated in most of your comments is the breakfast, in addition, obviously, to the stunning view from the Orsini Fortress!!

A breakfast that we try everyday to make better and more genuine!

Every morning you will have a sweet awakening, with a sweet fragrance in the air and a big buffet rich of fresh and tasty products, both salty ones and homemade cakes. We always choose to propose local groceries, in order to speak about our territory through the gastronomy, in fact, in addition to the ham and cheese from Sorano, as well as fresh fruit and local bread, we decided to let you taste homemade cakes, baked just in the kitchen of our hotel!!

Today we want to introduce to you the chef that prepares everyday the homemade cakes for your breakfast, with simple, local, genuine ingredients.. Daniela! Her peculiar and friendly character won’t be difficult to notice during your stay, with her congeniality and spontaneity will know how to make you feel like home, just like guests of her own kitchen, and how to let you begin the day with a smile.

Surely, waking up and finding a good set buffet and a kind staff always ready to prepare you the hot drink that you prefer most is in and of itself a very relished cuddle, but try to imagine if everything you will find for food was rigorously high quality and locally produced? Daniela, who is very keen on cooking, has decided to think not only about the inimitable taste, but also about your health and the always increasing wish to find local products and awareness of the risks provoked by wrong diets.

For this reason in the last days we have carried on an experiment, with the guests who have had breakfast at Hotel della Fortezza, offering you both cakes prepared with the classic flour 00, and little muffins made with a new flour, produced in an organic farm just few kilometers from Sorano, asking their opinion at the end of the meal about the quality and taste of what they have eaten. We were a little bit uncertain about the result of this experiment, because the taste and the color of this new rough flour could have turned out to be too different that the previously one or could have not meet the expectation of the guests who would have expected the classic dough.. However we had to change our mind! The experiment yielded only positive feedback, every guest congratulated with us for Daniela’s culinary skills!

During your stay you will also have the possibility to visit the farm, to know the place where this particular flour is being produced.. An organic farm called Aia del Tufo, an enchanted place for those who come from the chaos of cities, where it is possible to taste a good lunch or dinner with special menus, in the silence and quietness of the countryside.

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