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sassotondo vino toscano

Sassotondo.. Excellences among the tuscan wines!

An organic excellence amongst the southern tuscan wines

This enterprise is the fruit of a love and passion for the territory, for the tuscan wines and in particular for this strip of land in the Southern Tuscan hills.

24 years ago Carla and Edoardo, a couple both in work and personal life, decided to make a change after a lifetime in the chaos and monotony of city life. Thus, they embraced nature by moving to Southern Tuscany. Carla, who is an agronomist from Trento, had always wished to live in the countryside; Edoardo, a documentary maker from Rome, has always been fascinated by the realm of winemaking. Thanks to their dreams they were able to set up the vineyard of Sassotondo, that today is amongst the best in the area of the hilltop towns.

72 hectares that lie on the border between the municipalities of Sorano and Pitigliano, which include woodland and pastures; 10 of them produce their elegant, flavoursome and aromatic wines, the expression of this powerful and mysterious territory of Southern Tu
scany. According to the organic agriculture, the vineyard produces two DOC (guarantee of origin) wines, the Pitigliano White and the Sorano Red. 8 hectares are dedicated to red grapes (principally Ciliegiolo, San Giovese and Merlot) and 2 for white grapes (Trebbiano, Greco, Sauvignon) with tuff-stone being the characterizing element of this territory and its wine production. Their real strengths are the IGT (Protected Geographical Indication) wines which hold all of their intuitions, culture and passion for this land and for the tuscan wines.

What about the origin of this name?

Sassotondo..a peculiar name whose origin are to track down in the nature of this land, a volcanic land. Nowadays Monte Amiata is the most famous ski station of the whole Southern Tuscany, but it was previously a volcano whose eruptions, once cooled and stratified, originated the stone that distinguishes this area.. the Tuff! H ouses, streets and foundation of the villages spread from Monte Amiata to the coast are made of tuff, that characterizes not only the aspect of Southern Tuscany, but also the flavors of the products of this land, that, as Carla will proudly explain, for this reason are unique worldwide!

The real round stone (“Sasso-tondo”) is a tufa stone that had been found by chance in the fields of the company, after a long process of smoothing and sculpting made by the weather. The two wine-producers make it the emblem of their love for this land, giving it the place of honour in the centre of their label, in which we can notice also the vineyards and the mountains in the distance that surround the sphere.

Also the cellar is carved into the tufa stone! A thirty-meters-long cave that ends in the room called “bottaio”, where the barrels containing wine have always the optimal temperature and humidity thanks to the material of the walls.. a suggestive tunnel that you can travel following Carla, Edoardo or who will accompany you to the discover of the wine-producing system that give shape to the wines of Sassotondo, getting lost in the passionate narrations and descriptions of who will answer to all your questions.

We have chosen for you the wine-producing company Sassotondo for a two-hours wine-and-food tour to discover the flavors of Southern Tuscany, because it emerges as representative of the excellences of products in this region. Once arrived at Sassotondo, the owners themselves will welcome you warmly, and your tour will start in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Starting from the vineyards, you will eventually visit the wine-producing systems, hidden in the tufa stone under the fields. The tuff makes the cellar more suggestive, but also constantly cool and humid. At the end of the tour of the machines you will taste the finished product. Three wines, tasted in the cozy terrace directly with the owners, listening to their description about the iter they have passed before being uncorked for your wine-tasting. Uncorked, obviously, like as the rules of the good sommelier impose… Get lost observing the careful motions of who will open the bottles, pouring the wine in the glass in the best way to exalt its unique taste and flavor. Your visit will last two hours, after which, you will have the chance to buy the products that most captured your attention!


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