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Southern Tuscan Organic products

A tuscan organic products are guaranteed because it’s certified according to the CEE regulations that guarantee the method of production. In fact, the products that come from this particular form of agriculture are produced without the use of any chemical substance and in complete respect of the environment.

Organic products are spreading more and more in Southern Tuscany, because this is a territory full of agricultural enterprises built on the organic model that use the natural fertility of the land and promote biodiversity. Thus many cultivators have adopted techniques that respect the natural ecological equilibrium by not using harmful substances like fertilizers and pesticides. The purpose of these practices is to produce food, wine and many other products without toxic residue and full of nutritional value.  These are the reasons why an organic product guarantees quality and authenticity, indispensable prerogatives of a well-balanced, complete and healthy diet. Southern Tuscany can boast of a vast array of organic products, from fruit and vegetables to its renowned meat.

In recent years, there has been a mass return to our origins, particularly with the desire to use products from one’s own land. However, we’ll start from the premise that the identification of organic products derives from specific labeling procedures that offer the consumer the greatest guarantees possible of these products’ origins, preparation, transformation and packaging.. there is a real tradition based on the production of southern tuscan organic products!

There is an ever increasing request for healthy and natural products and therefore also, or above all, organic products. And thus we introduce you tuscan organic products that arise from the continuous search for products of high quality, all obtained from organic ingredients. There is no chemical treatment of the trees and their fruit, no impact on the earth and only natural products. All this translated into good health for those who buy organic!

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