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Southern Tuscan Rural cuisine

Since we are real tuscans, and lovers of simple and tasty food, we want to showcase you the Southern Tuscan Rural cuisine, that is part of the still alive traditions and culture in the territory of the Hilltop Towns, Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana. As the time goes by, the development of modernity has increased the feeling, the necessity, to rediscover the ancient traditions that, on the contrary, would necessarily get lost.

Cooking is an art, and it is thanks to the culture, the history and the territory of a community that it is possible to discover authentic traditions..Southern Tuscany is one of the best example of territory that maintains a long and old culinary tradition. Many recipes and secrets have been preserved and transmitted  through the generations, so that an ancient memory has had the chance to keep living nowadays.

The Southern Tuscan Rural cuisine is a poor cuisine, but tasty, made of simple and cheap raw materials mixed to create unique and intense flavors, all linked to the relation between men and the productive cycle of the lands, the environmental conditions, the seasons and the personal beliefs and religious superstitions.

The emblem of the Southern Tuscan Rural cuisine, that today can be found in most of the restaurants of the Hilltop Towns, is called “Acquacotta”, a poor winter vegetables soup, with roasted bread…few and simple ingredients for a special and delicious result!

Imagination and fantasy are the means to rediscover flavor and taste of a dish that has been created for necessity to cook using only the few available ingredients. We have to say a special thanks to all the housewives, who, with their brilliance, have left us a really inimitable culinary tradition.

Discover our Special Offers that will allow you to taste the unique specialities of the Southern Tuscan cuisine in a selection of menus studied for you…from the classical traditional cuisine, to the more creative and cherished one!

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