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The Native Food at the EnoRistrò

Since this year at Hotel della Fortezza we often speak about Native food. Native food means indigenous, native of the territory where we live, genuine and healthy.

…But why is our interest oriented towards this topic?

Since you are going to get in contact with the centuries of history that characterize the roads, the churches, the museums of the medieval villages as well as the etruscan necropolis and Vie Cave and the uncontaminated nature of the countryside with its luxuriant flora and plentiful fauna, we are certain that you should have the possibility to know and appreciate the products that have been representing for centuries the quality of the territory of the Hilltop Towns! For this purpose we are realizing the project of the EnoRtistrò where to offer only products that are indeed…. Native!

The wellness derived by the visit to such a fascinating places, that offer you quietness, relaxation and breathtaking panoramas, is enriched by eating healthy and genuine products, certified for their quality and respect of the environment. Your wellness is our purpose; and for this reason, starting from offering you the possibility to stay inside a real fortress dating back to the medieval time, we want also to propose a Food & Wine tour among the native products.

First of all, we want to introduce you our Cinta Senese cured meat, cured meat that you would hardly find in the restaurants.. Have you ever heard about Cinta Senese? This race of pork typically tuscan, already spread all over this area during the etruscan time, is raised in the wild and breed, consequently, with the fruits of the wood, mainly acorns, giving the meat a unique taste and unexpected dietetic properties! Try to taste the lard, even if you are not a ham fat lover, and you will discover not only a totally different flavor, a pleasant flavor… but you will also benefit from its properties of defense of the organism from the cholesterol!

In addition to the cured meats, we cannot miss to mention our cheese, from Maremma and Tuscia, from the small producers who contribute to the creation of good and high-quality cheeses with their livestocks in the whole of the area of Sorano and surroundings. You will have the chance to taste, perceive and compare the differences of flavor among the several agings of the cheeses that we will offer you, accompanying them with the most appropriate wine.

In fact, also the wine has a relevant role in the image of the Hilltop Towns territory, since the vine used to be cultivated also by the Etruscan in this area, and the wine tradition has been kept alive for centuries, by the creation of many big and small companies that produce high-quality wines. You will have the chance to combine local, native gastronomical products with white and red organic wines of the cellar of Sassotondo, situated in the countryside between Pitigliano and Sovana, produced with passion and experience of the owners Carla and Edoardo, who will be nice to meet you if you would like, to tell you with their own words about their cellar, fruit of their love for the territory and for the wine.

Everyday in addition to the preparation of the cakes and muffin for your breakfast, likewise made with rough flours produced near Sorano, the cook is occupied in preparing ancient recipes of the tuscan rural culinary tradition, with simple, fresh and genuine ingredients. A  beans or lentils hot soup, a salad of spelt, a good Panzanella or Pappalpomodoro.. Have you ever tasted these last two typical dishes?…. Come and try!

At the moment of your arrival in hotel our staff of the reception will present the dishes of the day so that you have the way and the time to decide if you prefer to dine in front of the panoramas and the magic atmosphere that the Orsini Fortress offers, or to go in the historical center in one of the restaurants of Sorano.

We are at your disposal for the reservations for the dinner until 6:00 pm, and from 7:00 to 8:00 you would have the possibility to choose the table that you prefer, sit and enjoy your tasting or Native food & wine of the small local companies.

All you have to do is to savor your tuscan dinner with Native food… and the payment is pushed back to the time of the check-out!


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