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Tuscan Pecorino of Southern Tuscany

Today we’ll showcase one of Southern Tuscany’s best products… Tuscan Pecorino!!
A gastronomical delicacy the Tuscan Pecorino, (PDO, Protected Designation of Origin) is the result of a delicate balance of natural features (climate and environmental characteristics) and human features (production method and artisanal know-how) that blend to create a product which is inimitable outside of the area of origin.

Also called ‘cacio’ in Southern Tuscany, it has ancient origins which date back to the Etruscan era. With the creation of the first cheese factories, it emerged the definitive separation between the figure of the shepherd and that of the cheese maker, who well and truly became an cheese artisan. It’s a cheese that’s also known with its ancient name, ‘cacio marzolino’, which comes from the period of production that started in the month of March and continued throughout the Spring period.

The characteristics of the PDO Tuscan Pecorino derive from both the environmental conditions in which the sheep are bred and also the productive processes aided by the most advanced technologies, that nonetheless respect a centuries-old tradition, allowing for the production of a top-quality cheese.

The fundamental ingredient is obviously milk, exclusively sheep milk, that comes from herds raised on the territory marked by the Denomination of Protected Origins. It has a cylindrical shape and its consistency is dense with a straw-yellow color of varying intensity. Its flavor is fragrant and at times accentuated, a characteristic of this particular production method. Depending on the area of production the aging process changes and with this, the flavor and the use of the cheese also change a lot too. In fact, they range from a fresh Tuscan Pecorino, which has a delicate and sweet flavor, to a more seasoned Pecorino, with an intense and more accentuated flavor and finally to a Pecorino with a very long aging process, making it hard and with a strong flavor that is traditionally served with the sweet flavor of honey or jam…

During your stay at Hotel della Fortezza, you will have the chance to taste Tuscan Pecorino in different occasions, such as in the buffet of your breakfast or choosing our Aperitif with Local Products. We underline the importance of using local products, in order to let our guests discover our rich territory starting from the local gastronomy. Our Aperitifs include a mix of Tuscan Pecorinos with different aging processes, fresh, aged, or blue cheeses and Cinta-Senese cured meats.. All accompanied with a glass of white or red wine from the best local cellars!

Let you be tempted by the irresistible tastes of Southern Tuscany… we look forward to welcoming you!

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