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Wines of Southern Tuscany

Southern Tuscany is a land that calls to mind its rich past.. etruscans, romans, medieval centres , mining that have characterized it for centuries. It is a territory always able to offer new emotions through a vast range of itineraries, along the coasts, among the hills and the mountain of the hinterland, to the discovery of ancient places, of magic landscapes, of unforgettable colors and flavors, of the pleasure of good food and wine. Today we showcase the wines of Southern Tuscany, the products of century of hard work, done with passion day by day, season by season.

When we talk about Pitigliano, for example, one of the most characteristic Hilltop town, is quite impossible not to mention the wines of Southern Tuscany. This is the real symbol of the village (after the spur on which it is built), a symbol deeply-rooted into the culture of the inhabitants, because it has been product since centuries ago! The nature of the soils, the high luminosity and the mild weather of the area represent undoubtedly the elements that have always supported to development of a flourishing viticulture.

Among the wines of Southern Tuscany there are also particular production, the one of the Kosher wine, the jewish one, that is both white and red wine, and it is realized every year under the strict monitoring of the rabbi. The process has to follow the iron rules of the jewish ritual, no casein additive has to be added, and it has to be pasteurized at a temperature higher than usual, and all the iter is directly controlled since the grapes harvest until the bottling.

The oldest DOC among the wines of Southern Tuscany

This is a territory where the production of wine is a tradition! Numerous wine-producing companies and wine cooperatives in Southern Tuscany offer all guaranteed and certified products for their high quality.

The extraordinary wine-producing improvement in this area is demonstrated by the presence of eight DOC settled in the “road of the wines and flavors of Maremma” among which we remember Morellino di Scansano (one of the most typical and well-known tuscan wine), Bianco di Pitigliano and Rosso di Sovana, that arise in a really suggestive location, the Hilltop Towns.

It was March 23Th 1966 when the wine of this places took the recognition DOC , proud to be one of the firsts designations of originrecognized in Italy.

The wine cooperative of Pitigliano has been producing wine for 50 years, both white and red.

These have been also inserted in the best Italian wine guides from Luca Maroni to Gambero Rosso, and they have been also many times awarded : in 2006 they received the prize Best Buy (quality/price) at SIAL in France with Vignamurata, Sovana Superiore and Sangiovese DOC improved in Barrique.

In addition to the two DOC of the territory, the IGT Maremma Toscana offers numerous types of grapes and for this reason it has allowed to the local producers to create fantastic wine, but especially to give birth to completely independent wine-producing companies! The great attention to the development of the local vineyards represents the forte of the private cellars born in the last years in this places, believing in the value represented by the unicity of the southern tuscan wines!

The taste itinerary

It is possible to organize wine-and-typical-food-tasting while visiting the cellars, the wine-producing machinery and the vineyards. For who is interested in this experience we are happy to suggest you and to introduce you to the companies of Southern Tuscany, from Monte Amiata to the coast, concerning the famous wines of Southern Tuscany.

We are pleased to organize your taste itinerary linked to the high-quality production of this territory. A real discovery of the local traditions!

Every country has got his own typical dishes, but first of all its refined wines, and the best way to discover them is to let our staff organize for you your taste itinerary, a trip into the wine-and-food culture of Southern Tuscany, looking for ancient flavors, genuine products, simple dishes referred to the classical cuisine or innovative dishes inspired by the tradition. The pleasure to taste a good glass of wine in a natural environment will be unforgettable!.. The ambassador of the Italian excellence!

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