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Itinerary for 2 days in Southern Tuscany

How to organize your itinerary for 2 days in Southern Tuscany

Staying more than one night at Hotel della Fortezza, you will have more time available to venture discovering the territory of the Hilltop Towns and to see with your own eyes the history that characterizes it. Although two days go by very fast, by following our suggestions you can have an idea about how to organize the visit of the villages and the necropolis in your itinerary for 2 days in Southern Tuscany.

First Day

Morning – The Park of San Rocco

By leaving in the morning you will have the possibility to enjoy a more suitable temperature for the path that we suggest to undertake.. First step of your itinerary for 2 days in Southern Tuscany? The Park of San Rocco! It will be very easy to identify the path when you will be looking at the map of Sorano realized by Hotel della Fortezza, that our staff will give you at the moment of your arrival. Once crossed the Porta dei Merli, the ancient door of the city built by the Merli family, reach the fond of the valley, you will find all the indications to get to the park through the Via Cava of San Rocco… from there the road will be upward!

Reaching the park through the Via Cava will take around 30/40 minutes, and once you arrived in the terrace that offer you shade and tables where to relax and a unique view of Sorano, you can also visit the two small necropolis right inside the park. You can walk again in the same road to come back to your room.

Afternoon – The undergrounds of the Orsini Fortress and the Hilltop Town of Sorano

A good lunch, a coffee, a fast siesta in front of the panorama from the hotel and you will be ready for the guided tour of the Orsini Fortress! We believe that the words of the guides who will accompany you through the different parts of the ancient complex of the castle, from the external walls to the undergrounds, will bring you in the past.. when the Orsini Fortress represented the most important military stronghold of Southern Tuscany!

Once concluded the tour, you should visit the village of Sorano.. a labyrinth of strict alleys and little squares, where getting lost is only a pleasure! While walking in the historical center you will realize that the rhythms of life are slow, different also from the nearby village Pitigliano, bigger and more famous as touristic roads, and you will appreciate the wellness and quietness that most of us are not used to live.

Evening : The Hilltop Town of Pitigliano
To conclude your first day of your itinerary for 2 days in Southern Tuscany, you can move for few kilometers, in the nearby village Pitigliano, whose historical center is even more suggestive at the sunset.. You can choose to dine in the Food Bar of Hotel della Fortezza, tasting the typical flavors of this land, or in one of the restaurants in Pitigliano, and then enjoy the walking in that Hilltop Town, that, like as Sorano, offer wonderful panoramas from its tuff spur.

Second Day

Morning – The Hilltop Town of Sovana and its etruscan Necropolis

What shouldn’t miss in your itinerary for 2 days in Southern Tuscany? Don’t forget what once was the main etruscan center of the Southern Tuscany, and that still preserves historical remains that are unique in the world…Sovana! Arrived near Sovana, you will notice that you have to deviate from the provincial road to get to the village, passing from the paved road to the beautiful ancient floor of the historical center.. In the main square, you have access to the Museum of San Mamiliano, with the discounted ticked that you will receive as a guest of Hotel della Fortezza.

From the center of Sovana, the etruscan Necropolis is reachable in just few minutes by car. As you will see, you have access both to the free part of the historical park and to the one that need the payment of a ticket, where the monumental tombs are. We suggest you to dedicate all the rest of the morning to this area that will surely amaze you!

Afternoon – Vitozza

The Archaeological Park Città del Tufo includes also the cave settlement of Vitozza, perfect place for an afternoon through nature and history.

After the visit of Sovana, follow the contrary direction from which you arrived to come back to Sorano, and to reach San Quirico that is only 5 kilometers distant. You can park the car in the main square of the town, where it is easy to identify the entrance to the park. Vitozza is also called “the lost city” because today it appears like an open-air museum where it is possible to admire the testimonies of the culture of the caves, through the typical caves built in different levels, as well as the ancient church called “Chiesaccia” surrounded by the vegetation, the medieval “colombario” and the buildings of the ancient medieval manor houses.

Alternative afternoon – The hot springs

The territory of the Hilltop Towns offers different chances of wellness and relax…so why don’t you take a break and add a step in the hot springs in your itinerary for 2 days in Southern Tuscany?

Terme di Sorano (5 minutes far from Hotel della Fortezza) – Small and silent private center immersed in the green of the tuscan wild nature, easy reachable going in the direction of Pitigliano. In Terme di Sorano there are two thermal pools with 37° C water, a sportive pool with cold water and an ancient pool called “Vasca dei Frati” in the wood that surrounds the hot spring, where the water gushes out directly from the stone.

Terme di Saturnia ( 30 minutes far from Hotel della Fortezza) – In Saturnia you can choose between the free open-air natural pools called “Cascate del Mulino” or the private Spa with many thermal pools, golf club and Spa. This water has about the same temperature of the one of Sorano but its minerals are different, because it is sulphurous. The direction to reach Saturnia from Sorano is Pitigliano, and after, Manciano. Follow the direction of Manciano until the road sign that indicates Saturnia, and once arrived the provincial road, turn right. After few kilometers you will find the free pools on your left and the private Spa after few meters on the right.

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