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Your itinerary for 3 or more days in Southern Tuscany

If you are organizing an itinerary for 3 or more days in Southern Tuscany, you would be aware that you will have all the available time to visit the territory without any hurry, dedicating the right attention to each place.

In an itinerary for 3 or more days in Southern Tuscany you will discover a territory that is able to offer you a lot.. in addition to the hills where the three medieval village of Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana are situated, surrounded by the etruscan remains, you can reach both the seaside and the mountain with a short distance. In this guide we favor the local itineraries, discovering the Hilltop Towns, but we are pleased to suggest you also farther routes.. Hotel della Fortezza is only one hour far from Amiata mountain and the beautiful Argentario coast, or for those who prefer the lake, Bolsena lake is only 20 kilometers far from here.

First Day

Morning – The medieval village of Sorano and the Park of San Rocco

Reach the historical center by descending directly from the stairway in Piazza Cairoli. In few minutes you will find yourselves walking through the strict alleys of Sorano. With the help of the map of the center that you will receive at the moment of your arrival, it won’t be difficult to identify the ancient Porta dei Merli, the medieval door that will bring you outside of the ancient walls of the town, in the direction of the Via Cava of San Rocco. With the maps of the territory given by us it will be very easy to find the different steps of your itinerary for 3 or more days in Southern Tuscany! Follow the indication, and walk until the end to reach the Park of San Rocco on the other side of the valley, in about forty minutes of hiking. Take a break in the tables in the shadow of the trees, relax yourselves and enjoy the breathtaking view, and leave again..

Afternoon –  Vitozza

This first day of your itinerary for 3 or more days in Southern Tuscany will be a little hard, but we can assure it’s worth it!..

Instead of come back to the historical center by the same road of the outward voyage, choose an adventurous “deviation”.. As you probably will notice while descending to the valley, there are two different direction to follow; on one side the Via Cava, and on the other side “The Lost City” of Vitozza in the village of San Quirico, reachable by following the recommended itinerary of about 3/4 hours.

To come back to Sorano you can ask us to organize for you a low-cost transfer service also at the moment of your check-in, or if you finish the visit to Vitozza within 6.30 pm, the bus 2470 of the line Tiemme will bring you directly to the parking area in Via San Marco, from the main square of San Quirico.

Second Day

Morning – The Orsini Fortress and the medieval village of Sovana

Keep calm, wake up and enjoy the breakfast, the first guided tour of the Orsini Fortress will start at 11 o’clock am. Once finished the 45-minutes visit of the walls of the castle, the undergrounds and the Museum of the Middle-Ages and the Renaissance, and here you are, ready to take the car and leave towards Sovana, just 9 kilometers from Sorano. A real jewel of medieval architecture, composed by only two roads, Sovana is the small Hilltop Town that hosts the Museum of San Mamiliano in its main square.

At your arrival at Hotel della Fortezza you will receive a discount to visit all the attractions of the Archaeological Park Città del Tufo, that means Hilltop Towns, including the entrance to the museum and to the etruscan Necropolis of Sovana. Stop for lunch in one of the restaurant of Sovana, we will be please to suggest you the best ones!

Afternoon – The etruscan Necropolis of Sovana and Saturnia

Continuing for two kilometers in the same road that you took to come to Sovana , you can easily find the free parking area of the necropolis. Leave the car and reach the information office in the entrance of the park, where you can also require an audio guide that will help you to understand what you are going see.

Our suggestion is to dedicate at least 2 hours to the necropolis. Once concluded the visit, a good way to end the day with a bang is to keep going in the same direction, reaching Saturnia and its “Cascate del Mulino”. In just 25 kilometers of distance you can enjoy the wonderful open-air natural hot springs, few minutes far from the medieval village of Saturnia.

Third Day

Morning – The etruscan Vie Cave of Pitigliano

Before exploring the area and carrying out longer distances, you should dedicate al least one day of your itinerary of 3 or more days in Southern Tuscany to the visit of the nearby Hilltop Town Pitigliano, 9 kilometers from Sorano. Just few steps from the historical center you can visit the stunning Vie Cave; and then, when the hiking will have made you hungry, come back to the alleys to find a good restaurant..

Vie Cave St. Giuseppe and Fratenuti
You can leave the car in one of the following suggested parking areas of the town, and than, descend walking to the valley, by crossing all the center, until the point in which the Jewish Ghetto, Via Zuccarelli, meets the Corso,Via Roma, arrive to the “Porta di Sovana” where a long stairway will bring you to the first Via Cava, Poggio Cani.

Piazza Dante Alighieri – RECOMMENDED – Free parking lot – 200mt far from the center, 750 mt far from the reception (Via Roma 106).
Piazza della Repubblica – Really few parking lot available, indicated by the blue stripe. The cost is 1,50 € each hour, € 6 per day. 200mt far from the reception. Especially during the high season, you can use this parking in order to unload your luggages and than go to the free parking lot.
Piazza Garibaldi – Really few parking lot available, indicated by the blue stripe. The cost is 1,50 € each hour, € 6 per day. 300 mt far from the reception. Especially during the high season, you can use this parking in order to unload your luggages and than go to the free parking lot.
Through Poggio Cani you will arrive in 10 minutes in the provincial road, turn right and reach the valley of the Lente river where there is the entrance to the Via Cava Fratenuti and Via Cava St. Giuseppe, both very suggestive and well preserved. You can park the car near the big corner that cross the river if you do not want to arrive there on foot from the village.

Now, you can choose if visit one or the other Via Cava, or both! The walking will last 1 hours in Fratenuti and more time for St. Giuseppe because it is longer and there are more caves to visit during the path. Once arrived at the end, reach the Olmo Fountain where you can drink some water and relax in the shadow in one of the picnic tables.

Via Cava Il Gradone and the open-air Archaeological Museum Alberto Manzi
As an altenative,with a short distance by car in the direction of Manciano and then San Quirico, you can reach the open-air Archaeological Museum Alberto Manzi, with a big free parking area before the entrance. Lost yourselves discovering the etruscan cities and reach the necropolis through the Via Cava Il Gradone, that from the top of the hill descends in the fond of the valley.

Afternoon – Pitigliano and the Little Jerusalem

To conclude your Itinerary for 3 or more days in Southern Tuscany to the Hilltop Towns, do not miss the village recognized as one of the most beautiful in Italy…Pitigliano! Get lost in the narrow streets.. each of them leads to a panoramic view!

In the main square, Piazza della Repubblica, the Orsini Palace hosts the Archaeological Museum of the Etruscan Civilization where it is possible to admire the remains found in the Necropolis of Poggio Buco in Pitigliano and in the area called “Macerie”, ruins, in the center of the town.

Keep on walking and follow the direction of the Jewish Ghetto, where to visit the Synagogue and the Jewish Museum. Come to see us at the borgo-hotel La Casa degli Archi in Via Roma 106, we are the same staff of Hotel della Fortezza!

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