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Hiking in Southern Tuscany

Discovering “Città del Tufo” archaeological park

Today we showcase some of the fantastic opportunities for hours and hours of arkeo hiking in Southern Tuscany , especially in the territory of the hilltop towns called “Città del Tufo”, to discover the heritage of the etruscans and the other civilizations that have once lived in this particular area.

Southern Tuscany is just a unique place, that deserve to be visited, where to enjoy every single landscapes, and, first of all, where to come in contact to all the cultural, historical and architectural patrimony of this territory, from the etruscans to the medieval time. You could visit the woods that surround the triangle of the hilltop towns of Sorano, Sovana and Pitigliano with a guide or by yourself, discovering the preserved signs of the etruscan and roman time.. from the origin, to the roman conquer, until the medieval period. A surprising and suggestive trip into the etruscan world and into the history of Southern Tuscany!

It is not easy to describe all the beauties of a such a rich territory like Southern Tuscany in a unique article, and for this reason what we can suggest you is an ideal itinerary dedicated to all curious people who are interested to discover this hidden edge of Tuscany that is almost still unknown, undertaking all-levels hiking in the nature.

1st Day – Pitigliano and Vie Cave

We suggest you to dedicate at least a day of your hiking in Southern Tuscany to the etruscans Vie Cave. This long roads carved into the tufa stone, delimited by the 20 meters tall sides, that create long corridors, are the example of how nature and human work can mix a perfect union, infusing a real sensation of balance with the environment to who walk through them. The aim of this road is still a mystery… In addition to connect the etruscan centers of this area, it was thought that they have a spiritual purpose, like a linking between human and divine.

You can park in one of the parking areas just outside village to reach the historical centre on foot. Reach the oldest part of the medieval village, in “Capisotto”, where a long staircase will accompany you to the ancient door of Sovana, from which you will have access to the first Via Cava, “Poggio Cani”. From here, reach the bottom of the valley where Lente river flows, to start the visit to the Vie Cave of “Frate Nuti” and “San Giuseppe”.

You just need to ask, and you will have the chance to spice your hiking in Southern Tuscany with a good picnic at Olmo Fountain, or if you prefer, some hours of wine-tasting in one of the local cellars, or a lunch in agritourism. For all the information, do not hesitate to call or write an email.

2nd Day – Sorano and the park of San Rocco

The morning begins with the guided tour of the medieval complex of the Orsini Fortress, concerning the extraordinary underground tunnels once used by the soldiers. At the end of the visit, you can reach the centre of Sorano directly from the fortress, with its intricate labyrinth of narrow streets and strict alleys, and its Masso Leopoldino, that was once a tufa mine, now transformed into a spacious terrace the first years of XXTh century. The old entrance of the fortress, “Porta dei Merli”, on the north side of the village, will bring you to the bottom of the valley, where you will find the entrance of Via Cave San Rocco, that lead to the namesake park. The walk to reach the park is hard, we suggest you to keep it calm! Once arrived on the top, you can explore the park of San Rocco and its necropolis and enjoy the stunning view on the hilltop town of Sorano. The terrace is perfect to take a moment of relaxation and a pleasant picnic.

Travel time : from 3 to 4 hours, without lunch break.

3rd Day – Sovana and its etruscan Necropolis

We can divide the itinerary into medieval and etruscan also in Sovana. The small open-air medieval museum has got no more than one hundred inhabitants and it will surprise you for the many details of its architecture, Piazza del Pretorio with its emblems of the old powerful families and the Church of Santa Maria. At the end of the majestic Duomo with its crypt, unique example of roman architecture in whole Tuscany. In Piazza Pretorio there is the museum of San Mamiliano, where the gold coins of the treasure of San Mamiliano have been preserved for centuries.

Once finished the visit to the village, walk to reach archaeological area that hosts the etruscan monumental tombs and other unbelievable Vie Cave build on the tufa spurs.

It is important to remember that Sovana has been the main etruscan centre of this area, so for an accurate comprehension of the archaeological site it is necessary to join a guided tour or to make provision for a good paper guide. There is the possibility to join guided tours for full-day or half-day hiking in Southern Tuscany, picnic or lunch in the hilltop town of Sovana or in agritourism.

Discover our Special Offer dedicated to the territory of the hilltop towns, for all the lovers of sport and nature, especially if linked to the history and archaeological sites that are unique in all over the world, and dedicate your stay to the hiking in Southern Tuscany!!!

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