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Holiday in Southern Tuscany

Are you tired of being stressed and are looking for some relaxation and great dining? A holiday in Southern Tuscany is just what you need!
Imagine a breathtaking landscape amidst the many colours that nature offers us, add the smells and flavours of inimitable food and wine, a horse rise through the magical Vie Cave (Etruscan roads cut deep into the rock) and to top it off, enjoy a swim in the hot springs… this is what your holiday in Southern Tuscany will be like! There are many alternatives offered by our staff of Hotel della Fortezza!

Romantic getaway weekends, holidays or simply day trips dedicated to fine dining and good living; thanks to our restaurants, wine tasting in our vineyards, bread-making courses, cheese courses… and the list could go on!

We’d like to show you the Southern Tuscany, a magical and one-of-a-kind territory, and provide you with  an unforgettable holiday!

A holiday in Southern Tuscany means finding your personal wellbeing and rejuvenating body and mind. Switch off for a while and let yourself be swept away!

Mountain, hill and coast!

Southern Tuscany offers many different kinds of landscapes.. In just seven days you will be able to visit mountain, hill and coast!

Let’s start from the Monte Amiata, where there are many villages like Santa Fiora that you should not miss. Reaching the top of the mountain is very easy from Santa Fiora, and the panorama will be stunning!

The mountain is characterized by the presence of many natural reserves, a big open-air museum and a natural park where art, culture and nature are mixed to create a magic atmosphere.

The second step is obviously the hill! The visit to the hilltop towns is a must! Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana are the three jewels of Southern Tuscany where to have easy access to the etruscan necropolis and the Vie Cave and where to fall in love with the flavour of the typical food and wine.

The village is Pitigliano is also famous in all over the world for being “the little Jerusalem” because its inhabitants helped and gave a refuge to the jewish community throughout the centuries. In fact the historic centre still preserve the jewish quarter called “Ghetto” and the ancient synagogue dated back to XVI century.

To conclude, don’t miss the coast! You will discover a paradise of flavours, colors and smells, where to get lost visiting the numerous  hidden bays like Cala del Gesso near the town of Porto Santo Stefano. From there, you can reach by ferry-boat one of the seven jewels of the archipelago.. Giglio Isle, with his colored harbor, beautiful beaches and the historic nucleus built on the top of the isle!

We’ll be able to satisfy every desire you may have thanks to the love we feel for our territory, or otherwise we can help you choose a personalized  holiday to cater to your every desire and provide you with a holiday in Southern Tuscany where the only and true protagonist is you! What are you waiting for? We’re here to help you.

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