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Southern Tuscan territory for all the interests

Food and Wine

Southern tuscan territory has always been well-known for the high fertility of its lands and nowadays, this peculiarity is still alive as a guarantee of quality and genuineness of the gastronomy and local production in general. The products that characterize Southern Tuscan cuisine are all very high quality because they come from companies that arise in a territory by the unique environmental features.

Since the origins, the local gastronomy has more and more enriched of simple and traditional dishes in which cereals, vegetables, products of the undergrowth like mushrooms, chestnuts and wild game are the main ingredients. Southern Tuscan dishes are for this reason the best of what a territory can offer, and the ingredients and the typical products are always genuine and natural as the local tradition affirms.

Among the typical products that have received quality brands DOP, IGT, DOC we can underline : wine, oil, truffle, cured meats and cheese. Southern Tuscan territory, thanks to its great resources and morphological diversity, offers the possibility to taste the quality of the typical productions in the many different restaurants as well as in the farms of the area where to taste and buy local wines and extra virgin olive oil, having also the chance to see personally the places where these products are cultivated and transformed.

Each of our Special Offers includes the tasting of the typical Southern Tuscan dishes  in the restaurants of Sorano.


Well-being in Southern Tuscan territory doesn’t always mean thermal centers! Arriving in this territory you will have only to choose among the different ways to dedicate yourself to your well-being. Thanks to the presence of Monte Amiata, ancient volcano once active, most of Southern Tuscany territory is characterized by the presence of many hot springs that allow to organize a holiday completely dedicated to the well-being. There are many establishments that offer Beauty farm or Spa service.

The activity of the magma of this volcano generates water currents with an average temperature of 37° C and  with therapeutic characteristics that vary according to the minerals with which they come in contact during their passage in the subsoil.

The hot springs of Southern Tuscan territory were already well-known during the etruscan and roman time and the emperor Nerone used to frequent Saturnia thermal springs. The thermal complex of Saturnia is in fact one of the oldest and most famous of the area, however, in the last years many other smaller centers are open all over the territory, such as Sorano, S. Casciano and Bagno Vignoni, where to appreciate waters with different properties.

Nevertheless, in addition to the thermal centers, Southern Tuscan territory have other peculiarities that make it the ideal place to relax and to take care of body and spirit. The uncontaminated nature, the mild and sunny weather, the lack of big urban metropolis and the consequent lack of traffic and atmospheric and acoustic pollution, and the organic farms are the features that make Southern Tuscan territory ideal for the personal care.

Sport and Nature

For people by the adventurous attitude or simply for the lovers of nature, Southern Tuscan territory is to be considered as a big leisure park because of its variety of landscapes by the unbelievable natural beauties, one closed by the other.

Across the coast, the big pine groves are like a natural lung, and with the lagoons and wwf bases, they have become a real oasis for migrant and stationary bird, such as the pink flamingos. Climbing up the hills, the vegetation becomes more and more dense in a territory characterized by cultivated lands, pasture lands and enormous lonely trees, such as oaks, elms and ashes. On the other hand, in the wilder zones, there are uncontaminated woods, natural habitat of many wild species.

To conclude… the mountain! Monte Amiata is covered for 2600 hectares by woods of beeches, conifers and chestnut trees, assuming the aspect of a real forest, especially over 1200 meters of elevation. Monte Amiata, ancient volcano now inactive, offers  many hot springs by the pure water and natural delights such as blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, chestnuts, and delicious Porcini mushrooms that are often present in the traditional Southern Tuscan dishes.

Choose the adventure that best fits for you!
In the whole Southern Tuscan territory, it is possible to choose among a large variety of interesting activity in different environments. Outdoor walkings or ridings, for example, are perfect to discover new landscapes and to bump into fantastic panoramas where to breath clean air.
For the lovers of adventure and for who desires to become familiar with motors, there is the chance to rent motorcycles or Vespa 125 to make a tour in complete freedom throughout Southern Tuscan territory.

In addition to this, during the summer, people can try very peculiar activities such as the Water Walking (walking across the rivers), the Tubing ( professional air chambers to explore the local lakes) or, when the sun goes down, observing the sky with a guide who will explain about the stars with the help of a laser to indicate them.

History and Culture

Southern Tuscan territory is marked by a past still alive nowadays. In fact, the area is rich of archeological remains that are the testimonies of the human presence already in prehistoric period. This territory has become the cradle of the etruscan civilization, that settled there and give origin to aqueducts and necropolis whose remains are still well-visible, representing a property of enormous value and beauty.

The Etruscans loved life in all its natural aspects so they settled in this area because of the richness of very relevant elements such as minerals, calcareous stones, tuff, rivers and torrents. Among the many remains tourists can’t miss to visit Vie Cave, a labyrinth of long a deep roads carved for 20 meters inside the tufa stone, impressing for magnificence and charm. They are situated into the heart of Southern Tuscan hills, and they had probably the purpose to link different centers or even to connect men and divinities, related to the funeral rituals.

The medieval Hilltop Town of the Southern tuscan territory, Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana, built on the top of tuff-spurs, still preserve their charm. There are many activities to discover the historical heritage of this territory, such as guided trekking, mountain bike riding, walking in summer, archeological hiking in the night..

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