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The territory of the Hilltop Towns offers to the visitors a vast range of high-quality local Food and Wine. During your stay you will have the chance to taste local gastronomical products by joining activities that may be different from the classic lunch or dinner in restaurant. Whether you choose a wine-tasting in a local cellar or a picnic to be enjoyed in front of the panoramas of Southern Tuscany, the result will be having lived a real experience!


We have chosen for you the wine-producing company Sassotondo for a two-hours wine tour to discover the flavors of Southern Tuscany, because it emerges as representative of the excellences of products in this region. Once arrived at Sassotondo, the owners themselves will welcome you warmly, and your tour will start in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Starting from the vineyards, you will eventually visit the wine-producing systems, hidden in the tufa stone under the fields. The tuff makes the cellar more suggestive, but also constantly cool and humid. At the end of the tour of the machines you will taste the finished product. Three wines, tasted in the cozy terrace directly with the owners, listening to their description about the iter they have passed before being uncorked for your wine-tasting. Uncorked, obviously, like as the rules of the good sommelier impose… Get lost observing the careful motions of who will open the bottles, pouring the wine in the glass in the best way to exalt its unique taste and flavor. Your visit will last two hours, after which, you will have the chance to buy the products that most captured your attention!



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