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The waters and muds of Saturnia hot springs

The thermal waters of Saturnia hot springs have been flowing for millennia from a natural crater, at a constant temperature of 37.5°C. Before emerging at the spring, the water travels a great distance from the foothills of Mount Amiata, some 30 kilometers away. Its journey lasts around 40 years before flowing into the thermal pools. This means that the water being bathed in right now rained 40 years ago.

It is thought that the water descends to a depth of 700 meters during its journey. In fact, only in this way could it reach its temperature. During its journey through limestone caverns and other geological strata it makes a great quantity of salts soluble. Having reached the area under the baths, it comes up against the bottom of a natural crater and a fault line that allows it to seep through.  Thanks to the constant change of water determined by this flow, its biological and therapeutic characteristics within the pools remain unchanged.

The defining characteristic of the water of Saturnia hot springs is the presence of sulphuric hydrogen and carbon dioxide. These two gases make the water SULPHURIC – CARBONIC – SULPHATE – BICARBONATE – ALKALINE – EARTHY.

Water for any needs

The numerous therapeutic effects of the water of Saturnia hot springs depend on the mineral salts and gases dissolved within it. For example, the sulphuric gas can have benefits for the cardio circulatory and respiratory apparatus and also the muscular and skeletal ones. Furthermore, it carries out a natural skin peeling action with exfoliating, cleansing and antiseptic properties. And to finish, add to this the healthy psychophysical effects of relaxing in an ideal temperature and in an enchanting place.

Another pleasant effect is the ‘skin improvement’ obtained by bathing in these waters. The temperature of the water (similar to our body temperature) has the effect of stimulating the microcirculation of the derma, favoring the exchange of nutritious substances and the expulsion of impurities. The hydro massage stimulates and increases the flow of the microcirculation and of cutaneous breathing and to finish, the gassy component of the water has a smoothing derma-cleansing action on the skin.

The thermal muds

When we speak of ‘thermal muds’ we refer to a mixture of thermal waters and clay, that contains organic substances produced by the development of particular algae. The mud that you can find in Saturnia hot springs is composed of clay, made extremely fine through a mechanical grinding that, together with the waters, takes on the form of a soft cosmetic paste. It is then left to mature for 12 months in sulphuric water, generating a mud less irritating than others. For this reason, it is also recommended for elderly people!

The warm, hot or cold mud is spread over the body or just a part of the body as part of the therapy, in addition to bathing in the water, or to alleviate pathologies like arthritis, rheumatisms or skin diseases.  Enriched with mineral nutrients and natural extracts, they also become incredible beauty products! In Saturnia, they become masks for any type of skin: normal, impure, sensitive or delicate. By adding nutrient and hydrating ingredients they combat aging signs and, spread on the body, they tone, reduce cellulite and get rid of fatigue.

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