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Sorano hot springs in Southern Tuscany

The province of Grosseto in Southern Tuscany is sulfurous and full of volcanoes, and it hosts many hot springs, from the mountain area of Monte Amiata, until the maremman level ground that ends with the coast. Just few minutes far from the stunning village of Sorano, among the landscapes of the hilltop towns, visitors can relax themselves in the complex of Sorano thermal Springs, a recent private thermal centre that appears as an elegant accommodation and a real attraction for tourists in Southern Tuscany.

Sorano hot springs is located in Santa Maria dell’Aquila, where previously there was an ancient Romanesque parish church, but nowadays it is all restructured and functioning. The new complex offers both sportive than children pool, hydro-massage, artificial waterfalls and spa, where people have the chance to receive massages and beauty treatments for the body care throughout the year.

Sorano Hot springs in Southern Tuscany assures a natural and silent environment, because of the limited number of guests and the wood that surrounds the pools. The atmosphere keeps on being peaceful also also in summer. Why not to spend your holiday in such a natural and relaxing environment?

The complex appears as a Residence with independent flats and it offers to the guests the possibility to have a walk in the paths that link the thermal centre to the surroundings of Sorano.  Relaxing in this kind of place is really easy!

The properties of the Sorano hot springs in Southern Tuscany

Hydrogeological researches have confirmed the presence of an important flux of thermal water that allows to give value to the ancient spring, well known since the etruscan time for its healthy properties.

The water is characterized as magnesium-calcium-bicarbonate and it gushes out from the spring in a temperature of 37,5°. The precious minerals contained in this particular water, that differently from the sulphureous one is odorless, bring many different benefits, especially for what concerns the treatments of pathologies linked to the lack of calcium and magnesium.

In addition to the well-being derived from the immersion of the body in high-temperature water, there are many other ways to take advantage of its qualities.. If used as a drink, the thermal water of Sorano fits particularly for the treatment of constipation, cystitis and kidneys diseases.

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