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Wellbeing and hot springs of Southern Tuscany

The benefits of the thermal water, in the wild nature of Southern Tuscany
We can notice as a new category of tourism has been spreading next to the one interested to the hundreds of century of history admirable in the territory of Southern Tuscany and obviously to the wine and food. This new category is turned to eliminate, or reduce, the psycho-physic problems thanks to the use of thermal waters! This is not a modern trend, but a millennial habit : Greeks, Romans and Etruscans have left their testimony celebrating the virtues of the waters of the hot springs of Southern Tuscany.

Today the hot springs have gained great consideration because of the discover of the real benefits earned by the immersion in this kind of water, and especially, because of the chaotic life we lead, that requires us to dedicate part of our time to the personal care. There is no better way to relax than a stay in the wild and natural environment of the Hilltop Towns, where you can reach the many hot springs of Southern Tuscany with a brief transfer.. In order to increase this kind of tourism, in the last years the thermal centers have evolved, establishing real SPAs able to offer services and specific therapies focused to the complete wellbeing of the guests.

Tuscany, especially the southern part, boasts a great tradition for which concerns wellbeing and hot springs; some of the most important nucleus as Bagno Vignoni and San Casciano have a very long history, but many other thermal stations have raised throughout the years, contributing to make Tuscany one of the most equipped under this point of view. Saturnia, Sorano, Bagni San Filippo, just to mention few of them, are really cherished by people who love this kind of wellness-holiday.

Hot springs of Southern Tuscany boast an additional key factor than the other Italian thermal centers. In fact these SPAs are immersed in natural and fascinating environments, surrounded by the green valleys and woods…ideal places for the complete relaxation!

Water as a therapy

Immersing in this water or getting dirty with the mud for example by playing with it, make us regress, and according to a fascinating symbolism studied by the psycho-analysis, it seems to be a mechanism that allow us to become young again, back in the time when mother used to take care of us. This “return to the pureness”, but especially the healing and protective connection inside the pools, can be seen as a complex relation between I and Subconscious. We can speak about a research of the soul, of our origin and our identity, that bring men to discover the water as a mean to solve some diseases in a natural way.

The waters of the hot springs of Southern Tuscany are used for many organic pathologies, in relation to their chemical composition. We can think about waters that contain arsenic and iron, that suit particularly for depression, while waters with bromine or carbon, and radio-active waters, can help anxious people.

We can assume that therapeutic waters (often synonymous of thermal waters) have characteristics able to carry out a sort of “pharmacologic activity” that prevents, and rehabilitates, physical and psychological diseases.

Waters are not all equal, and they do not solve the same problems:

  • The action of sulfurous waters, like that of Saturnia, is mainly dermatological, in fact they fight acne and dermatitis
  • Waters with arsenic is the best for the dry pathologies of the skin, like psoriasis
  • On the other hand, waters with carbon allow a specific action pointed to the circulatory system.

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