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In order to let you discover the specialities of food and wine, as well as the many opportunities of itineraries and activities in the territory of the Hilltop Towns, we offer you our exclusive services for the guests of Hotel della Fortezza.. These services are studied to enrich your stay with gastronomical experiences and much more, that will make it pleasantly unforgettable!


The EnoRistrò

Since this year at Hotel della Fortezza we often speak about Native food…Native food means indigenous, native of the territory where we live, genuine and healthy. Since you are going to get in contact with the centuries of history that characterize the roads, the churches, the museums of the medieval villages as well as the Etruscan necropolis and Vie Cave and the uncontaminated nature of the countryside with its luxuriant flora and plentiful fauna, we are certain that you should have the possibility to know and appreciate the products that have been representing for centuries the quality of the territory of the Hilltop Towns! For this purpose we are realizing the project of the Native Food Bar where to offer only products that are indeed…. Native!

Your trip to the discovery of the territory of southern tuscany starts with your breakfast, passing then to the aperitif and dinner. The food that you will taste will be always “native”, indigenous, natural and genuine, brought from the small local producers of the area of the hilltop towns. We want to speak about what is done with love, love for the work and for the own land.

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If you are lover of good food and tuscan recipes or you are looking for new flavors, Southern Tuscany offer you a  vaste range of opportunities.. You just need to choose!

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Food and Wine

Link your visit to the Hilltop Towns to a wine-tasting in the best cellars of this area or to a useful and tasty picnic to taste all the goodness of the fresh local products!

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Learn more about a territory by the great historical and artistic patrimony, with our itineraries through the etruscan remains or in the medieval villages of the Hilltop Towns.

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We will let you discover the still less known thermal centers of Southern Tuscany, offering you also the possibility of in-home beauty treatments just in your Suite.

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Sport & Nature

We will let you discover the still less known thermal centers of Southern Tuscany, offering you also the possibility of in-home beauty treatments just in your Suite.

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Servizi interni

Hotel della Fortezza assure you some services that will make your stay even more comfortable. A free parking area, tasty breakfast and WiFi in your room..

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Hotel della Fortezza in Sorano

Your edge of Middle-Ages in the Heart of Southern Tuscany
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_MG_7813A very little village perched around the imposing Masso Leopoldino and guarded from high by the majestic Orsini Fortress, with its underground passages. Little, narrow, well-kept lanes, breathtaking views and smells that entice one to sit down and try the local dishes. What I really like about Sorano is the doors, yes, the doors to people’s houses. Try walking down Via Selvi and you’ll notice how beautiful the doors are. Made by carpenters and embellished by marvelous bossage, who knows if they were once the houses of the most important families in the town.

Tiny village that nonetheless is full of history and significance. It is often compared to a bonbonnière, and it truly is one. Its square is elegant and welcoming, a real treasure chest, starting with the travertine alter in the Romanic church of St. Mary, sole example in all of Tuscany. Just a short walk down Via del Duomo you’ll find the Duomo, imposing and austere, its simplicity captivates and leaves you speechless. Sovana doesn’t lack anything, it is even the birthplace of a pope… that courageous reformer who took the name Pope Gregory VII and who humiliated an emperor in Canossa.

Pitigliano mesmerizes visitors from a distance, even before entering. Its houses appear to seamlessly grow out of the tuff-stone cliff. At night, with the lights, the town seems to float in midair; it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s a must see rarity! Strolling through the streets of the historic centre one can feel a particular atmosphere. This isn’t the typical artificial, tourist town where everything is geared for tourism. Here everything is genuine, real; the historic centre is welcoming but it’s also lived by the local inhabitants, the Pitiglianesi. There’s the shoemaker who fixes shoes with the tools of yesteryear, the barbershop with heated discussions about football, the artisan who creates flawless works, artists who give colour to the streets. All the tourists I show around the town end up making the same comment, “here one breathes the true village life, it’s genuine, not fake”.

Pitigliano tells its history to the many visitors that come to stay with us. It’s a history that’s marked in the names of the streets, in the historical buildings, in the grand monuments like the Mediceo Aqueduct, the Orsini Palace and above all that marvelous example of tolerance and integration between the Christian and Jewish communities that formed the Little Jerusalem here; it’s a place of refuge. The heart of the town offers us the Cathedral and the Synagogue in close proximity, the latter being one of only five synagogues left in all of Tuscany!